With this kit it is possible to add illumination to 3 Sorefame coaches, from Sudexpress Scale Models. It was developed to introduce greater realism in the lighting, reducing the intensity of the lights to softer levels. The kit consists of 3 interior lighting plates (3xEMSORE001) and 1 top lighting plate (1xEMSORE101 - for bourlets version), for a total of 3 Sorefame coaches (one of which can have top lighting, in one of the sides). It also includes 6 polarized capacitors to prevent flickering and provide a reliable light inside the coach. *

Originally, the boards are analogic, and can be digital if a decoder is added in the places mentioned in the guide (6 and 7) and removing the resistors also noted in the guide (8). The red light is not independent of the white ones, and whenever the light is on, the carriage turns on both the interior and tail lights (if it has tail light). It also has a variable resistance (9) to adjust the light intensity.

The kit and plates guide can be found here.

The connections/assembly diagram can be found here.

If you want to have the kit assembled in the carriages, please contact NMS Modelismo for more information.

* The 6 capacitors connect at the places indicated in the guide, being necessary to solder (pay attention to the polarity). Does not include wires or energy pickups (these lest ones come with the kit as an accessory).

Sorefame Illumination Kit (Sudexpress Scale Models)

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