About Us


The idea of producing electronic boards came about when I started working with Arduinos and understanding more about electronics. From there, Electronic Models was born. The idea is to create electronic boards that can control everything that exists in a train model: from the light signal to the roundabouts, from the street lights to the junctions. In addition of being plug-and-play (they connect to each other without any configuration), you can also control the objects remotely, either via Wi-Fi (using a computer, tablet or smartphone) or via Bluetooth (using a smartphone). Despite all the features, the boards will be affordable and will feature detailed documentation. The boards are designed by me and then printed by a company specifically dedicated to this purpose. In the coming weeks, more news will be released, so I invite you to stay tuned and subscribe to the Facebook page.


Electronic Models attempts to bring competitive prices to the market for all portfolios. As such, we have partnered with JLCPCB in order to obtain lower prices while maintaining excellent quality. JLCPCB is a Chinese company with more than 10 years of experience in the production of PCBs. It has 200,000 customers worldwide and continues to expand. The prices charged by the Chinese company are quite attractive and the official association between Electronic Models and JLCPCB will allow not only a quick response to the orders that are made but also a customizable production and reduced costs for the customers who so wished. For those who want to deepen and know the Chinese company in detail, you can check the site here or watch the video below, made by Youtuber Strange Parts.

Security and Payments

As both fields are very delicate, we want to give certainty to our customers that both payment data with personal data are treated consistently and securely. As such, we have chosen to join the euPago Institution in order to ensure that all payment processes run as safely as possible. With this, you can pay using bank transfer - at the time it loads the completed purchase an entity and reference are automatically generated and placed at your disposal soon after completing the purchase. Using an ATM or through the Internet, you can make the payment. When the payment is made, you do not need to send any proof since the EM receives, automatically, an email confirming the payment. Alert: The entity will appear as euPago, which is normal since EM uses euPago for payments.

In the case of site navigation, your connection is also protected. When using SSL certificates, communication between us and our servers is encrypted, so any data you provide is not easily detected by third parties. In this case, we use the services of Comodo Cybersecurity to allow a secure connection between each other and between us. Regardless of security, do not disclose credit card data except payment (where the connection is most secure and dedicated). EM does not share data with third parties except for parcels (in this case, only the address, name and phone number are shared).